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Bart Jan BoumanGTC plussen in 4 kleuren


Sales experience. This is our calling card and our core message. We don’t explain this by piling up a list of employers and positions, instead we like to do things differently. My ambition is to be an active part of your commercial organisation and to further help improve it. Growing together is great and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

The international green sector could use some commercial support and this is where we come in. Start-ups, for example, often lack experience, so we can offer market knowledge, product introductions and advise sales teams in sales support. I am a driven and commercially minded partner. This means I mainly look at the consumer and I am focused on returns. To optimise your sales, you not only need product knowledge, you need information on the smallest details; everything matters.

To succeed you must be involved and genuinely interested in people. Creativity and persuasiveness are qualities that you as a sales professional must naturally have, but can certainly optimise. What makes me happy? When our clients achieve the results they’re looking for and are completely satisfied. I can offer international sales support in green and related markets, help realise returns together, apply sales solutions and create new or alternative sales ideas. This is what makes me an active advisor in sales and management at GTC+

Do you want to exchange ideas? I’d be happy to make time for you, free of obligation.