This is how we help the floriculture sector to make enduring and successful change

We challenge you to answer the big questions about sustainability within your company or organisation. For example, how do you reduce your CO2 emissions? What is the best way to get rid of gas or pesticides? How do you switch to green? The value of focussing on People, Planet and Profit is good for everyone. And no consumer is against it. If you undertake certified sustainable business with a clear, distinctive green heart and a smart approach, you always have a potential lead in the market.

But how do you make your business operations sustainable without sacrificing returns? Could you even increase the financial value? How do you develop and implement new, green services and products that also generate money? Now is the time to provide answers to these questions and there are opportunities for every entrepreneur or agency. GTC+ can help you find these answers and translate them into daily practice.

We’ll help you find a sustainable path...